A description of picassos development towards cubism

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An analysis of the picassos development towards cubism

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Crystal Cubism

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Pablo Picasso

Within the first two decades of the 20th century, a new art movement began unlike any other - Cubism. Most Cubist works are immediately recognizable due to their flattened, nearly appearance, geometric lines and angles, and a fairly neutral color palette.

Pablo Picasso

A watershed moment for the development of Cubism was the posthumous retrospective of Paul Cézanne's work at the Salon d'Automne in Cézanne's use of generic forms to simplify nature was incredibly influential to both Picasso and Braque.

Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. In the spring ofGeorges Braque visited the studio of Pablo Picasso to view Picasso’s notorious work Les Demoiselles d’Avignon ().

What is Cubism? An Introduction to the Cubist Art Movement and Cubist Painters

Impressed with what he saw, Braque quickly befriended Picasso. paved the way stylistically for their development of Cubism. Together, Picasso and Braque. Together the two developed Cubism, beginning in Their partnership and cooperative development of Cubism was disrupted by the outbreak of World War I in August, Picasso's last major purely Cubist work was his "Three Musicians" of ; afterwards, his interests turned towards Surrealism, politics, and the old masters.

The impetus for the development of a new art language was the following question: why make paintings? By the beginning of 20s century, just about anyone could learn the basics of “correct” drawing.

whereas the founders of Cubism, Braque and Picasso, were more inclined towards shape. Originally, under the influence of Iberian and African.

Pablo Picasso's Cubism Period - 1909 to 1912 A description of picassos development towards cubism
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