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Anxiang Du 'killed Ding family with ruthless efficiency'

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Guilty: Businessman who stabbed MMU lecturer and family to death convicted of murder

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Chinese businessman Anxiang Du from Coventry 'murdered family with ruthless efficiency'

Anxiang Du travelled to the Dings' home armed with a knife and killed the whole family in their own home. The evidence was clear that this was an act of pre-meditated revenge and Du knew what he was doing. Anxiang Du, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, was found guilty at Northampton crown court of killing Jifeng "Jeff" Ding, a university lecturer, his teacher wife, Ge, who was known as.

Anxiang Du had denied four counts of murder but admitted killing the family. "Mr Du made a plan and carried it out with ruthless efficiency." Du and his wife Can Chen had set up the business.

Get affordable 4G smartphones for your employees and help your business run more smoothly. Anxiang Du, 54, was convicted by a jury at Northampton Crown Court of murdering Manchester Metropolitan University lecturer Jifeng Ding, his wife, Helen, and their two daughters, Nancy, 18, and Alice, 12, on 29 April, The man on trial for killing a family-of-four in Northampton has been found guilty of their murders.

Anxiang Du, 54, of Witnell Close, Coventry, had pleaded guilty to manslaughter on grounds of.

Chinese businessman guilty of stabbing family of four to death Anxiang du business plan
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